About Us

The Student Finance Club, University of Ibadan, is a highly organized, student-run institution, focused on preparing her members for success in professional roles at all levels of Finance, particularly in Investment Banking/Private Equity, Asset Management and Securities/Research providing members with cutting-edge skills, and training relevant to their respective industries.

We, the members of the Student Finance Club at the University of Ibadan, are committed to creating a dynamic and vibrant community dedicated to empowering our members with the latest skills, training, and mentorship essential for success in the corporate world, particularly in the finance industry.

Our Core Values

Our Executive Team

Leaders in-charge of the student finance club.

Blessing Okoroafor


The SFC President leads, advocates, shapes experiences, fosters connections, and manages club operations. She embodies strong leadership and communication skills.

Deborah Kadejo

Chief Operations Officer

The COO supports the President and coordinates club operations. Tasks include project assistance, member correspondence, partnership oversight, and document management. 

Omolola Babatola

Chief Finance Officer

The CFO manages club finances, leads the partnership and sponsorship team, handles fundraising, financial reporting, and collaborates with other executives on financial matters.

Mirabel C. Ikejiaku

Public Relations Officer

The PRO is the face of the club and is  responsible for communication and outreach. Tasks include managing social media, creating engaging content, event publicity, and leading the publicity team. 

Francis Adelore

Head of Senior Analysts

The Head of Senior Analyst leads the academic division, enhancing senior analysts’ finance expertise. Responsibilities encompass market updates, curriculum development, webinars, exams, and technical training. 

Emmanuel Aiyede

Chief Technology Officer

The Website Management Head directs the club’s website development and maintenance. Responsibilities cover content, collaboration, user support, and proposing innovations. 

Lateefat Abdganiyu

Human Resources Manager

The HR Manager handles member education, development, and motivation. Responsibilities encompass recruitment, welfare tracking, in-house competitions, performance monitoring, and ensuring a fulfilling SFC experience.

John Olorunfemi

Head of Junior Analysts

The Head of Junior Analysts educates new club members by developing a curriculum, teaching classes, and creating engaging materials.

Mary Ogunyemi

Chief Research Officer

The Chief Research Officer at SFC plays a pivotal role in club growth and development. Responsibilities include curriculum development, meeting and webinar planning, resource management, and coordinating the newsletter team.

Our Purpose and Vision

The purpose of SFC, UI is to train and produce dynamic, young and emerging student- leaders in the corporate world by providing its members with Finance skills and knowledge; 

  • Mentors in business and finance; 
  • Career coaching; 
  • Networking and recruitment opportunities; 
  • Job/internship postings, events and online resources;
  • Connections with Industry professionals;

Our Vision

The Vision of SFC, UI is to be the best student-run Finance Club in Nigeria and beyond, that is highly known for developing its members to be employable and impactful actors in the global Corporate world.

Companies Where Our Alumni Work

Prestigious companies our alumni work for.